Air Conditioning Inspections

If you’re a business proprietor or building supervisor with a duty for air conditioning systems within your premises, you then should make sure you’ve fulfilled your legal duties as set out by the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations 2007 (EPBR) – this means holding a present TM44 report and an air-conditioning review conformity certification.

Air Conditioning Inspections and A TM44 Compliance Certificates

If you are under the misapprehension that TM44 reports and air conditioning reviews will not be significant for your company, you then should think again – and immediately. Subsequently you are setting your company at risk, if you do not hold a present TM44 review report ran in line with air conditioning review laws and the TM44 guidelines. Great fiscal management is essential in running any company or the supply of property services, then you definitely’re possibly costing your company money and risking your name, and if you have overlooked this essential laws regarding TM44 reporting and these reviews.

TM44 Air Conditioning Reviews – Possible Prices To Your Company

If you believe that not complying with the lack of a TM44 report and the air-conditioning review laws will not change you, then it is time for a reality check. There is absolutely no ambiguity in the question – subsequently you’re, rather simply, breaking the law if you do not have a TM44 air conditioning report, carried out by a competent inspector. Not only does this bring to mind the question of “what does this say about you and your company?”, but breaking all kinds of law comes with results – including fiscal ones.

In accordance with the EPBR, all air con systems with a rated production of over 12 kW should have already been through a TM44 review by the start of 2011 and the building owner or supervisor must hold a TM44 conformity report.

Sooner or later you’ll be uncovered and fined, if you do not have TM44 conformity certification and a present report. The TM44 legislations are anticipated to be amended on 1st October 2011, to contain the required lodgement of TM44 reports, while you may have escaped detection formerly. What this means is that it’ll now only an easy instance of assessing the authorities database, to find if your property or company has an up to date air-conditioning report and TM44 conformity certification. You’ll be fined, if you do not – and that means an individual fine for every one of your premises.

TM44 Conformity Certification – Showing Your Business Cares

Another rationale the lack of a TM44 review report can cost you cash is this – air con systems can constitute a massive percentage of your energy statement. A review performed according to the TM44 laws and guidelines can help you to identify regions where your air-conditioning system can be enhanced – by enhancing the efficacy of your air con system you’ll be able to reduce your energy bills, regularly symbolizing tremendous economies for your company.

As a property owner or company manager, in addition you have a social and corporate responsibility. Associates, co-workers and customers may want to understand what you do to reduce your carbon footprint and help in the fight against environmental damage. If you can not show that you are taking this obligation seriously and have not troubled to have air con reviews carried out, then once again, you need to ask yourself what this says about you, your business and your outlook towards the law and the world around you.

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