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Adding refrigerant into a automobile’s air conditioning system is a fast simple way to turn your vehicle blow chilly atmosphere again right? Although this practice is common well – individuals are many times adding freon with no thought of just what the pressure readings are and this could be dangerous. And lots of times the issue won’t even be low refrigerant, but you understand when ac gauges aren’t used how is one? Blindly setting 134An into an automobiles air conditioning system without realizing the capability, how much is in the setup already or even understanding precisely what the high and low side readings are, isn’t advocated. Utilizing an economical single hose, no gauge A/C charging kit just like those sold at parts shops can cause harm to the automobiles AC system. A compressor can be ruined by overcharging and adding stop outflow contained in a majority of the DIY 134 flow can be restricted by A charging kits in vital parts.

Having an air conditioning A/C manifold gauge set and seeing BOTH low and high side readings simply is reasonable. It’s the manner an A / C system is checked by professional auto technicians. You have to understand gauge readings to consider. Standard readings, high readings, low readings all tell a narrative. The low and high side service interfaces are very different sizes and can’t be inverted on a 134A system. Only charge during the low side, this is the blue colour coded side. When a system is decided to be low, the refrigerant will be hooked up to the yellow hose and also the blue knob on the A/C gauge set are going to be opened to let refrigerant to flow to the device. And chilly air is blowing again the task is completed after the appropriate readings Are got. It’s common for systems to possess a slow lack of freon as time passes. If the system loses it’s charge rapidly, the flow must be diagnosed and fixed.

Air Conditioning Refrigerant-Most Common Tools Necessary For AC Repair

A/C Estimate Set
Electronic Flow Sensor
Vacuum Pump

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