The Air Conditioning Is Seasonal Use

Air conditioning is seasonal use, but requires yearly maintenance. As humid dust environment and hot, easily result in air conditioning within thirty types of germs, impacting the well-being of the passengers inside. Holidays, ac, inside also possible to breed lots of mould if your auto is not found within the Chinese New Year. The journey is easy blowing dust settling inside within the ac filter, if it’s longdistance driving back. Warmer temperatures during the Spring Festival, the climate can also be, humid, or so the ac cleaning and disinfection should be utilized as one of the jobs should be performed following the vacation.

The Air Conditioning Is Seasonal Use, But Requires Annual Maintenance

Driving within the procedure,utilizing the most challenging part is the tire. Going back to assess the tire tread depth, if there’s a mosaic, whether there are strange wear, if the standard pressure, tire steel band is damaged, the tire side if there’s damage, tire wear ought to be quickly removed. The tire should revolve around assessment, when there’s a crash furious on the road. Vehicles of the road isn’t great, return to complete a tire location. Long time idle vehicle also must pay attention to the tire care, tire for a very long time doesn’t go, will cause deformation of the tire, simple to leak. Back on your way before should check the tire situation, quickly remove hidden risks, to prevent injury.

In case the vehicle is on the road better place running without worrying too much around, but if you really travel through the rotten road many hardy, come back after the owners must do an inspection to assess if the chassis was scraped. Chassis sound etc, to a professional repair station detection, when the vehicle steering wheel shake.

Long distance driving, engine oil, coolant, brake fluid vehicle may decline is comparatively big, check oil, coolant, if the dearth of brake fluid, to replenish. Also can produce the oil, brake oil, antifreeze and other reasons for deterioration, also have to check, if needed replace, when the automobile is really not a long Park.

Ran a large number of kilometers long back vehicle, the check will be the body is “scar”. But the owners could be according to “the size of the damage scars” surface paint, to think about the systems of disposal right. If it’s not up to scratch, cannot go it alone. Just watch paint scrapes really shallow, the mixture can be bought in the market paint pen, and then waxed. When the wound is deep, to detect the metal surface is exposed, not to the metal surface said scars won’t allow your body rust, could be coated with varnish can; if the wound metal surface, would be to preserve the “wound” is dry, do not wet water, vehicles to park in a dry area, there is time to go special repair shop repair. Road vehicles appear big place “Scar”, after returning from the finest in advance to send repair station repairs.

Long-distance driving excursions, dust through the windows as well as the air filter into the cab of the chance to be greater than normal. These often collect dust to the carpet, roof and door trim, etc., have to be thoroughly cleaned once came back interior, notably the carpet floor mats, car seats, etc. It is suggested to make use of special cleaning agents to clean up, keep the car fresh air, if you do yourself to it.

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