Auto AC Low Air Flow Problems

Auto AC Low Air Flow Problems – Cabin Filter Or Expansion Valve?

car-air-conLow airflow issues may result from a dirty cabin air filter, tree leaves within the evaporator case or in the evaporator becoming too cold and icing up. Not all automobiles have cabin air filters for the passenger compartment. Many drivers are unaware a cabin filter might even take their car to begin with, that is the reason they’re able to go for years without being transformed. The cabin air filter, if equipped must be checked; if experiencing low airflow through the dashboard vents. It is not unusual even for vehicle technicians to be oblivious if an unique version, is supplied with a cabin air filter. That is why if you’ve got low airflow it is worth mentioning the possibility an air filter might be the issue for the automobile tech.

Oak Trees

In case the vehicle is normally parked underneath a tree (especially oak leaves because they are little) there is a great chance that leaves might be going into the vehicle’s AC duct-work. It’s a great thought to maintain the leaves cleaned from the area. The area is close to the windshield wipers under the windshield. Leaves often stay within this place readily. Among the difficulties with that is, the airconditioning clean air entry is really in that place. Many times the leaves get into the airconditioning ventilation system during the fresh air duct work.

Evaporator Core Icing?

In case the auto AC blows very chilly for a brief time period and then blows warm and a reduced flow of air is experienced, the evaporator core might be icing up. Sometimes when the expansion valve isn’t functioning correctly the evaporator gets too cold. This causes the condensation to the evaporator icing up in confining the airflow through the evaporator fins. The expansion valve was created to maintain the evaporator cold but above the freezing point. One indicator if this is happening, is that the airconditioning could be turned off for a couple minutes (the ice has time melt) and then when it’s turned back on it will work again for a couple minutes until it ices up again. Another cause of the evaporator icing up can be if there’s moisture within the system. The A / C drier might need to be altered and then the system might be recharged and evacuated with a vacuum pump if moisture is the issue. The drying agent within the dryer along with the evacuation procedure will remove moisture from the AC refrigerant.

Leaves can collect in the cowl.
If equipped cabin air filters should be checked.
Whenever there’s too much moisture is in a system or if there’s a defective expansion valve icing can happen.

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