Automotive Air Conditioning – How It Works

Automotive Air Conditioning – How It Works, Common Problems and How to prevent Them

122280-airconUntil recently, air conditioning was regarded as a costly optional extra, just fitted to the top of the line cars and deemed as not really essential for the temperate climate. Today however, it’s fitted to all but the most fundamental of versions and its own benefits are appreciated by the majority of of us, the most noticeable being that it gives us fine, cooling air on hot summer days.

This isn’t its most useful aspect yet. It got the additional ability of drying the atmosphere inside the cottage and this lowers the inclination for those windows to steam up on wet days as well as keeping you much more conscious and aware on longer journeys.

So, how can this work? Well, without going too deep into the physics of the thing, it uses the principle this to change the state of the substance from a liquid to a gas and then back to a liquid again

The substance takes away and gives out energy in a type of heat

For a material, and we’ll use water for example, to shift from a liquid to a gas, it requires quite a bit of heat energy to make that transformation.

You are feeling cold whenever you get outside of the shower, even on a hot day. That’s since heat energy is taken by the water on your body from your own skin to alter it into a gas and evaporate. The ac system does the same thing, and I will try to clarify the purpose of the system quite briefly.

A compressor does just as its name implies and compresses the refrigerant gas. Compressing the gas causes it to rise in temperature and also has the effect of increasing the boiling point. It flows into a condenser where the hot, compressed gas condenses ininto a hot liquid, giving off heat as it changes its state.

The condenser is the bit in front part of the automobile which looks like another radiator. It then flows through a restrictor, as well as to the opposite phase of the restrictor the pressure reduces drastically.

Where the low pressure liquid then evaporates into a gas it then flows to an evaporator. It draws heat from its environment, as it changes state back into a gas. The air coming directly into your car’s heater system passes over the evaporator and as it does so it got got the heat removed from it by the cold evaporator, which means you get nice cold air into the cottage.

Now, is considerably warmer and the air flowing over it since the evaporator is chilly, water condenses on the surface. This really is much like whenever you obtain a fine, cold beer in the refrigerator, the bottle immediately becomes wet and you also must place it on a coaster to discontinue it making a mark in your polished table. This really is where the system dries the air within the cottage, drawing out the wetness from the incoming air passing over the evaporator like I described before, and also why you can see water dripping out from beneath your vehicle after you’ve parked up.

So that is air conditioning in summary, however it does not end there. To be able to maintain your air conditioning operating efficiently, there’s a specific amount of regular maintenance needed.

In the circuit there’s a modest number of the particular oil that’s carried across the system from the refrigerant gas. This is Polyalkylene Glycol oil, more generally called PAG oil, and too as lubricating the moving parts of the compressor, it keeps all of the seals between the parts and pipework damp. The molecules of the refrigerant gas are quite small, and should the air conditioning is switched off for any period of time, the oil drains back to the bottom stage, the seals dry out to a particular level and contract, and a little quantity of refrigerant gas could be lost. This decreases the efficiency and hence the cooling ability of the system along with a re-gasoline is crucial.

All automotive ac systems apply some sort of pollen filter within the heater system. This not only helps clean the air going into the cottage, additionally, it helps keep the evaporator clear of debris and leaves. It generally takes the type of the paper component-type filter that should be adjusted at the makers recommended period.

Finally, since the evaporator is constantly wet as I described before, it’s not unusual for bacteria to begin to develop in the surface, causing a somewhat musty odor. This is often averted by the routine usage of an agent employed to the air conditioning components are kept by the heater system which inside the cottage clinically clean.

I expect it’s given more to you of an idea of the care that’s likely to be demanded , and it has lifted the mist enclosing the functioning of the ac system in your automobile. Bear in your mind that employees working on air conditioning within the United Kingdom must have a nationally recognised qualification, so ensure that anyone with whom you trust your automobile is qualified to undertake the work.

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