Car Air Compressor concepts and classifications

Automobile Air Compressor could be the central part of air-conditioning system, its function is external help keep the refrigerant in the refrigeration cycle system, inhaled in the evaporator low temperature, low pressure refrigerant vapor, compressing the refrigerant vapor temperature and pressure rise to and refrigerant vapor sent towards the condenser, the heat absorption and release procedure, to realize heat exchange. Compressor within the refrigeration cycle, compression and pumping play the function of refrigerant, the refrigeration system could be the “heart.”

Car Air Condition-Car Air Compressor concepts and classifications

Based on different works, Automobile Air Compressor can be split into fixed and variable displacement compressor displacement compressor. Set displacement compressor displacement is raised since the engine speed in proportion for the gain, it can not mechanically according to shifts within the demand for cooling power result, and also the impact on engine fuel consumption is comparatively substantial. Variable displacement compressor to mechanically adjust the temperature based on the set power result.
Based on the various methods for working, can usually be split into rotary, reciprocating compressors and reciprocating compressors have a common crankshaft connecting rod and also the axial piston rotary compressor having a common scroll and rotary vane.
Compressor crankshaft connecting rod could be the first one on behalf of the compressor, it’s used more broadly, production technology is mature, straightforward construction, but in addition for low processing demands and processing substances, the price is comparatively low. Adaptability, in a position to adjust to a broad variety of pressure and cooling capability demands, care of powerful, great dependability. Nevertheless, the crankshaft connecting rod compressor additionally has some noticeable shortcomings, including the inability to realize high speed, big and heavy machines is not simple to attain lightweight. Exhaust isn’t constant, simple flow changes, as well as the greater the shaking at work. Now really few modest displacement compressor applying this construction, the crankshaft connecting rod compressor now exists solely within the bus and truck air conditioning units, but additionally by substantial displacement ten-cylinder swashplate compressor replaced tendency.
Axial piston compressor might be called Generation 2 compressors, a typical rock or swashplate compressor cd. Such has become the Automobile Air Compressor top merchandise, accounting for 70% of most of the compressor, since the technology advances, the axial compressor cannot just be considered a little light weight, and maximum rate as high as 10,000 r / min or more. In particular the axial compressor first to realize the stepless variable displacement management, particularly from the car manufacturers of ages.
Compact rotary compressor, high efficiency, high speed as the principal characteristics. Among them, the rotary vane compressor could be the 3rd generation compressor, its volume and weight can rather quite smallish, easy-to-be in the narrow layout of the engine compartment, using with the volume of sound and oscillation, and high while in in the air-conditioning conditioning has additionally also been a specific use. Nevertheless, the rotary vane compressor for high precision machining, production prices are higher.

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