Cleaning Air Conditioning System

When driving in winter months,the ac often blows warm wind,as a result of refrigeration system for a very long time no use,so in summer,the ac may have curious odor,That is since the automobile in the act of driving, suction inlets, a significant quantity of dust and dirt in the ac, adsorption in evaporation tank and ac setup, cause lots of bacteria, mould, mites, not only will produce odors, would endanger the driver’s healthy. For a very number of years within this environment, folks will feel dizziness, nausea, as well as get disease. Auto condenser affecting effects of refrigeration and air conditioning, air conditioning filter a filter inside air functions to play, and filters needs checking, cleaning of the condenser.

Cleaning Air Conditioning System by Yourself in Summer Time

1, wash the condenser
Air conditioning condenser is outside atmosphere during the materials and foil within the tubes of the heat exchange apparatus. Usually installed with the water tanks within the front, which makes it simpler to use moving air improve heat distribution.

2, cleaning air conditioner filter
Air conditioning filter, also called air filters, in peacetime care is really in addition to oil changes, machine filter, and replace the air filter. Air conditioning filters mainly function is to in-auto air filters, air filter used for a span of time, particularly in the outer loop over the longterm in a dirty surroundings, filters of dust, sand and there are lots of bugs, damp mould and create scent. This odor in the vehicle and then the inevitable summer cleaning air filter is crucial.

Wash the air filter part is straightforward, do not have to attend the 4S stores, or you also can do yourself to it. General car air conditioner filter ahead of the copilot glove box, for example agreement, etc. Within the glove box before open the copilot, clearing the jumble, and then used to live in the other phase of the glove box, central extrusion and pull out, can see the inphase of the air conditioner filter. Take out the air conditioner filter, when remove the filter must master particular skills, also must pull the both sides of card clasp.

Open the passenger glove box, glove box there are 2 small clips on each side, press and hold the back button, it was buckled up, left and right after opening 2 clamps, put both hands in glove box, while within, follow the direction of the arrow within the figure, and glove box could be taken off. Remove the glove box and you will realize that there’s a black box, box there are 2 small clips on each side, at the same time to press, and yank.

First, suck with cleaner filter on the surface of the dust and debris, here is the air conditioning following the vacuum suction filter, however you can observe the filter is quite dirty, some of the dust has entered the filter inside.

Water flow direction should be in the opposite direction of the wind, in the side to the side, prevent stolen goods embedded inside the filter, with low water pressure tap water to rinse, together with the faucet water flow.

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