Repairing the Air-Conditioning system

Simple History

The very first car air conditioner was introduced in 1940s. The auto air conditioning system works on a single procedure seen in windows air-conditioning unit. Automobile air-conditioning system has experienced much change over time.

The sketch of an Auto Air Conditioning System

To comprehend the purpose of the car air conditioning system, you really need to understand regarding different elements of the air-conditioning system. Compressor might be the big fundamental part from which high pressure and low pressure hoses are coming out. These hoses lead towards an evaporator and the condenser. Drier and expansion valves are also a part of the setup. Expansion valves are designed to modulate the temperature of the atmosphere as well as control the flow of refrigerant through the setup. Antifreeze agent (coolant, a gas) runs through these valves.

Procedure of cooling system

Automotive ac system never generates the chilly atmosphere instead it takes the heat from atmosphere already existing in the vehicle. The coolant or possibly a chemical compound frequently found within the automotive air-conditioning system is known as Freon. The method begins within the compressor where refrigerant is compressed to high temperature gas. This high temperature gas subsequently goes for the condenser through high pressure channels. Inside the condenser the clean atmosphere along with the gas makes contact and atmosphere consumes all of the heat in the high temperature gas. In a consequence the liquid form is taken by the refrigerant. Once it becomes liquefy it flows to the drier chamber. The drier makes the liquid gas free from all impurities and shoved the gas through expansion valve to the evaporator. Heat in the atmosphere is consumed by the liquid gas plus it evaporates. Fan or blower blows the atmosphere through the evaporator and eventually in the inside cabin of the vehicle. The procedure repeats again and again.


Repairing the Air-Conditioning system-Car Air Conditioner Function


Repairing the leakage is comparatively a difficult occupation as opposed to seeing the flow. It’s important to assess for certain leakage often. The flow of refrigerant surely lessens the operation of the air-conditioning system. Leakage within the machine means there is nothing left to take away the heat.

To assess whether compressor is operating fine or not, turns in the engine and be sure that the AC switch is on. Open the bonnet and also within the principal part look out for your pump like structure encompassed by hoses. Analyze the compressor attentively. If you turn up no move inside, then there must be an issue with compressor’s switch. There may be many motives behind it. For instance, wiring problem, poor fuse, or perhaps a busted AC switch and in certain situations this problem is also caused by the low level of refrigerant. Find the fault and act so.

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