Vehicle’s Cooling System

AC Condenser: Its Function within the Vehicle’s Cooling System

1346720856446An AC condenser plays a critical component in your auto’s air conditioning. It isn’t the air conditioner however a component of the system. Many people generally have in regards to purchasing car parts or even keeping it this error. They sometimes buy the entire system instead of only the condenser! So what’s a condenser?

Condenser functions with other car parts to support the air-conditioning system. We can thus say this component is really a team player. Other ac components are accumulator, evaporator, expansion valve, and compressor. An AC condenser looks like a radiator’s smaller variation. This is often found in front part of the car near the radiator. At times it has its own cooling system.

The air-conditioning system and how a condenser functions


You should know first the way the whole cooling system does its job, to realize further how a condenser functions.

Everything starts with refrigerants. These refrigerants are vacuumed in by the compressor which later on pressurizes it to become hot. Next step, the heated gas then passes the condenser which turns cooler. As it cools, it turns into liquid. Once this procedure is completed, the expansion valve regulates the flow of the cold refrigerants so the coldness of the conditioning system is manageable. The liquid refrigerants become gas again thanks to the evaporator, when cold air is comes out. While this procedure finishes, the entire cycle starts again with the air being filtered before being vacuumed again.

A condenser cannot function by itself. To be able to merchandise the coolness you need, it will work nicely with several other ac components. For it to perform well, appropriate care is crucial. Check if it has amassed an excessive amount of dirt both inside as well as outside. It’s essential to consistently wash the AC condenser to keep it performing at its finest.

Repairing the car condenser

To consistently ensure your car condenser is continually performing at its best, cleaning it isn’t enough. In addition, you have to check if there is a have to fix it.

Familiarizing yourself with all the air-conditioning process and components will help out more in checking for corrosion or damages. You should remember that its components are also victim to dirt and rust, while air conditioners may still work after years since the car was first purchased. Although evaporators are generally the victim of this type of problem you have to assess the condenser tubes for corrosion. You are able to do so by using a testing detector. Additionally you should assess the motor or fan when it is working well. Before larger air conditioning issues occur if it’s not then better replace it instantly. Better check for quality ac condensers that are sold by stores – one that functions well for quite a while and really does not readily oxidize.

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