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Danny Azzi

Managing Director

Danny founded ACG and exercises his years of experience in the air conditioning industry to analyse, develop and execute business strategies for the company.

His decision-making role includes preparing and implementing business plans with diligence while simultaneously managing ACG’s overarching operational activities.

Danny’s role is crucial in facilitating achievement, implementing strategy, creating an appropriate corporate culture and promoting success for ACG in the industry.

Raffi Zakarian

Director Commercial Division

With over 17 years of experience in the building an construction industry, Raffi oversees and manages the commercial sector of ACG.

He uses his managerial expertise to lead ACG through the commercial landscape and works towards maintaining a consistent trajectory of exponential growth.

Through networking and building positive relationships with all stakeholders, Raffi promises growth for ACG in a continually shifting market.

Steven Azzi

Director Residential Division

Steven’s experience extends across leadership and management, equipping him with the appropriate skills to oversee the residential division of ACG.

Responsible for the oversight and control of all of our residential projects, Steven assists in the planning, organising, and allocation of resources, while ensuring the smooth operations of the company’s residential projects.

With a strong focus on a customer-centric approach, Steven is dedicated to maintaining strong partnerships and is committed to total customer satisfaction.

Andrew Kassis

Director Service & Maintenance Division

Andrew has over a decade of experience in the industry and oversees the Service and Maintenance departments of ACG.

His expertise allows for the efficient day-to-day running of the Service and Maintenance Division, particularly after-sales care.

Andrew also focuses on the certification and training aspect of our technicians, ensuring that a high level of workmanship is maintained, while skills are continuously developed.

Wade Azzi

Director Split-System Division

Wade utilises his years of experience to assist in facilitating the success of residential split-system installations, one of ACG’s most popular products for residential and commercial projects.

He sets the direction of this division and is responsible for the seamlessness of ACG’s streamlined supply and installation process. With a particular focus on benefiting the community, Wade ensures the best interests of the company are kept at the forefront of every installation

Chris Kassis

Chief Operations Officer

Chris has extensive experience in leadership and operational management, offering ACG the most comprehensive and useful organisational methods. He oversees the company’s day-to-day processes by ensuring the back office operates as efficiently as possible while simultaneously implementing end-to-end solutions to any challenges which may arise.

Chris’ “team player” attitude has allowed for the company’s departments to remain coordinated, contributing to the company’s excellent industry reputation. Part of this is managing the growing team, an increasing client pool and extensive network of industry stakeholders.

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