Auto Air Conditioning Independent Use

As motorists, we can drive the vehicle to the beach Sunshine sunbathing, can go to a mountain top, also can go to a strange city adventure to have different local conditions and customs, summer is coming. These are on our car air conditioning in great shape, otherwise our car is a “mobile oven”.
Automotive conditioning energy supplied by the engine
Automobile air conditioning systems are attained for your compartment air refrigeration, heat, venting and air purification devices. It could provide a comfortable driving environment for driving employees, decrease the driver’s exhaustion strength. All the present passenger car conditioning systems are driven by the engine, and are equipped with warming and cooling functions.

Auto Air Conditioning Independent Use and Maintenance Tips

The core of the manual air conditioning as well as the components is the same Automotive air conditioning based on control mode is broken into automatic and manual adjustment. Manual ac slide Control Panel function keys to control the temperature, wind speed and direction. Automatic air conditioning with all electronic Executive Body and the vacuum control mechanism set to control temperature, air flow, and winds. However, for the center of the heating and refrigeration components are essentially exactly the same. Air conditioning general is largely composed of the compressor, electric clutch, condenser, evaporator condenser,expansion valve, liquid drier, pipes, hoses, cooling fan, vacuum electromagnetic valve, idle speed device and control system, etc.Automotive air conditioning is split into high pressure and low pressure pipelines. High pressure side comprises the output side of the high pressure pipelines, condenser, receiver drier, compressor and fluids piping; Comprise evaporators, memory, return gas pipe at low voltage side road, the input side of the compressor oil pools and compressor.

Liquid dryer – is really the water as well as a storage device for refrigerant and impurities. On the one hand, it’s equivalent to the fuel tank of autos in the reserve space added refrigerant flow refrigerant. In the flip side, it’s like air filter, filter out the refrigerant in the doped with impurities. Liquid there is silicone material in the dryer, possess the result of absorbing the wetness.
Condenser and evaporator – although their name differs, but the arrangement is comparable. They’re a sort of similar to water tank of honeycomb aluminum enclosure, to comprehend the outside atmosphere as well as the conduit material of heat exchange apparatus. Condenser of condensing describes the heat from gas condensed liquid within the piping. Its principle as well as the heat dissipation of the engine’s water tank close (the only difference can be found within the water tank of water is a liquid), so it’s frequently installed within the front, with water tank, the layout to utilize the automobile air for cooling. Evaporator and condenser on the contrary, it’s refrigerant heat consumed by the liquid into a gas (evaporation).

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