Automobile Air-conditioning System Components

Automotive Ac Repair – Automobile Air-conditioning System Components

nissan-primastar-aire-acondicionadoIt is usually a joy to appreciate the fall of cool air on the body especially during hot summers. So you could attend wedding or any additional private functions or meetings with your face radiating beams of freshness. A strong car air conditioner could significantly bring down the weariness due to long drives particularly automotive air conditioners in several cars which will be the dream cars of today’s children.

However, automotive air conditioning is consistently not a conventional addition provided in an auto. Because it was not devised by then automobiles made before 1940 lacked the attribute. Gradually several improvements were done to the system. The repair needs a skilled professional’s help. People interested to become familiar with the underside of things may try to do some repairs by themselves exercising care.

In small air conditioned cars, there might become a little fall in pick up of the vehicle but this won’t be the case with huge cars.

The Normal Parts of Automotive Air Conditioning

The automotive air-conditioning system contains seven major parts


These parts are:

1) Compressor – As heart is to the body, so is compressor to the AC system. It is essentially a pump linked to the engine whose primary role will be to compress the refrigerant in the evaporator coils along with the compressor, or “the heart of the system,” is a pump that’s connected to the engine. Its goal will be to transfer and compress refrigerant gas. The compressor has both an intake and a discharge side.

2) Condenser – It functions very much like the radiator and will most commonly have a similar look. The goal of the condenser will be to radiate or to give away heat, so should have good reserve of air for cooling purposes whenever the AC is switched on condenser.

3) Evaporator – Its primary obligation will be to absorb heat. Besides getting rid of heat from within your vehicle, it’s also in charge of dehumidifying the automobile. To be able to regulate the temperature of the evaporator, pressure introducing pressure regulating devices like tube is crucial

4) The receiver is utilized in automotive ac systems that apply thermal expansion valves as pressure regulating devices to ensure this pressure regulating device gets the liquid refrigerant it needs to be able to work. To be able to do so, it has to separate liquid and gas.

5) The accumulator can be used just on automotive ac systems having because the pressure regulating apparatus the tube, and its primary role will be to keep surplus liquid refrigerant. In so doing, it prevents any liquid from getting into the compressor, which might be damaging to the system.

In spite of the current advancements which were made within the field since the debut of automotive air conditioning, it’s still possible to keep your own system even if it’s an olden day style.

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