Best Air Conditioning Services

Over time your car air conditioning system can become less efficient due to variables like inadequate use, worn out seals and small flows inside the system. To keep your system at peak efficiency it’s recommended that you have your air conditioning serviced yearly.
Our regas service includes removing the refrigerant in the system, testing for leaks, subsequently re-filling and re-pressurising the system.
We can also repair most rubber hoses & make up new hose assemblies.

The air conditioning system has a gas which is damaging to our environment, so must be worked on by licensed technician who can provide the following:


  • Inspect the operation of the air conditioning system
  • We can test the pressure and weight of gas in your system
  • Check for deterioration or accident damage to any hoses, seals or components.
  • Check all drive belts for tension and condition
  • Check electric fans operation
  • We can recharge the air conditioning unit with the correct refrigerant.
  • Your car’s drive belt tension is checked.
  • The air conditioning unit recharged with refrigerant
  • LPG Auto Power has all the certifications and accreditations to handle and sell refrigerants.


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