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Car A-C Issues – Troubleshooting Auto Air Conditioning

14671_car_ac_pbef6Auto A/C problems are really one of the most misdiagnosed issues in regards to automobile repairs. The main issue that automobile technicians must troubleshoot and find, is “why the AC isn’t blowing cold.” After the auto’s air conditioner has this issue, it could result from 1 of several things. The most typical reason for the air conditioning blowing warm atmosphere is really a refrigerant flow. Whether the AC system uses R12, R134A or another refrigerant; the theory of operation is the exact same}. They all require a complete charge of refrigerant to function correctly. Refrigerant can leak from just about any of the parts within the system. A car’s AC parts are found in various divisions within the vehicle – not all together in an easily replaceable unit like a home AC “window unit.” It is crucial the part is found and replaced to ensure a long-lasting repair.

Look for Obvious Indications of Escapes


The very initial thing that anybody can do, mechanic or not is look for an apparent hint of the refrigerant flow. Most systems will have UV dye within the system that’s neon yellowish green. It could be seen easier using a black light, but it could nonetheless be visible to the naked eye also. The flow may trickle out clear oil, if there isn’t any dye within the setup. Scrutinize all the parts starting in the service ports. Consider all the hoses and the service fittings for escapes. Practice the lines each direction paying especially close attention to the rubber hoses that are connected by the metal ferrules to the metal lines. Check for any lines which might have made contact with several other parts under the hood and might have vibrated and caused a hole to be rubbed through. The condenser is found in front of the radiator, assess every square inch for indications of impact damage which might have caused a flow. Even without a stone or something hitting the condenser, there might be a flow – look for signs of any oil deposit particularly on all four corners.

Detect a Hard to Uncover Flow – Troubleshooting

After a quick visual inspection for escapes of the parts which are below the hood, it might be needed to look a little further with the assistance of the refrigerant leak detector to troubleshoot the issue. In case the system has little oil in it, there might not really be much deposit to determine from a flow. Using a freon leak sensor, the leak could be detected even if it’s an extremely slow one. Go over all of the parts as stated before, yet this time using the electronic leak sensor. The evaporator is the part within the passenger compartment, which isn’t visible such as the other parts from under the hood. Escapes in the evaporator can occasionally be detected through the ports. A standard spot to discover an evaporator flow is in the evaporator drain. Refrigerant is heavier than air, therefore it’ll naturally go out the water drain for the evaporator. Take care not to enable water to go into the point of the flow detector or it might be damaged.

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