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When sophisticated heating and cooling consumers across the world want to improve their home health, energy efficiency and comfort, they turn to innovative Carrier products and systems.

Carrier split air conditioners comprise the indoor coil and fan unit, and the outdoor compressor, coil and fan section, these two parts can be separated by up to 30m, being joined by copper refrigerant piping and electrical cables.

Selected models of Carrier Hi-Wall Split systems offer advanced functions such as infrared remote control, 24 hour on/off timer, sleep functions, advanced filtration and dehumidification. Some models also have air ionisers.

Available in the deluxe Carrier Xpression Hi-Wall Series and the Carrier Alpha Hi-Wall Series, both offer a range of Fixed Speed and Inverter models to suit virtually every application.

Carrier Elite series features an Electrostatic carbon filter. The Electrostatic filter traps and the Carbon filter eliminates many unpleasant odours and gases inside the conditioned space.

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