Air Conditioning Guys offer a comprehensive range of products and services for residential air conditioning in Sydney, The Central Coast, The Hunter Region and The South Coast.

We can have one of our experienced sales representatives scope the design, supply and install the air conditioning system for all leading brands.

As a “specialist dealer” for leading brands we also repair domestic systems and provide a maintenance service for your air conditioning units.

domestic air conditioning

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ACG’s residential air conditioning services

Whether you need to buy a new aircon unit, have a system installed or have your existing system maintained and/or repaired, ACG has a service to help you.


At ACG we offer you various ranges of brands and styles so that you can choose the model that suits your needs and looks good at your home. 

We also offer very competitive prices in our range of domestic air conditioning units.


ACG offers a full 360 approach on the installation process:

Step One

Quote and design

Step Two

Supply and installation

Step Three

Onsite training and commissioning support

Step Four

After sales service / maintenance

For all installed product ACG also offer a comprehensive 10 Year Warranty on our Installation when a maintenance program is in place.

Learn more about our air conditioner installation services.

Maintenance & Repair

ACG offers a general Service, maintenance programs and warranty service for our installed products as well as out of warranty repairs to all systems.

If your system is in need of a repair or a routine maintenance checkup, contact an ACG professional today.

Choosing the right type of air conditioner for your home

We supply installation and repair services for all types of houses including single storey, 2 storey house, units and apartments.

ACG can install air conditioners while a home is under construction, through existing double brick walls, timber or steel trusses. Systems can also be installed under your flooring.

To help your decide on what type of system may best suit your home, here’s a quick breakdown of each domestic air conditioning system: 

Ducted Systems

ducted air conditioner

A ducted air conditioning system will provide the best heating and cooling solution for an entire home. 

This is because ducted systems offer zoning flexibility for individual rooms to maximise energy efficiency, cooling capabilities and heating output.

For more information on ducted air conditioning, view our services here.

Split System Air Conditioners

Wall mounted units that are great for single rooms, split system air conditioners consist of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit that provides temperature control through a reverse cycle system.

Unintrusive and economical, this is the perfect solution for apartments or those just wanting one system in a single room.

You can learn more about our split system air conditioning services here.

Multi Split Systems

multi split air conditioner

Multi split systems connect more than one indoor split system unit to a single outdoor unit.

This enables you to control the temperature in separate rooms of your home simultaneously.

Better suited for smaller homes such as a 2 bedroom apartment, multi split systems are one of the best air conditioning solutions in terms of energy efficiency & running costs.

Window Unit Air Conditioners

Window units are designed to heal or cool a single room. They are a low cost and easy to install solution, as no significant work needs to be done to a property during the installation process.

With window AC units you will also save interior space. Plus they run more efficiently than portable air conditioners.


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