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Since 2006 we have installed different types of air conditioning for a range of different clients. From residential homes to commercial projects, this has provided us with the know-how to design a solution for you and your business that is both efficient and energy friendly.

Just like a car an air conditioning unit needs to be repaired to be able to perform at it’s best. Here at ACG, we can organize a qualified tradesman to visit your home or site for any servicing or repairs for your air conditioning unit.

Regular use of your system causes dirt, dust and allergens to build up inside your unit. Regular servicing ensures your system runs efficiently, keeping your air clean and your household healthy.

Whether it’s just a one-off service or ongoing contract. We recommend maintenance for all usage of Air Conditioning systems to minimise breakdowns and increase energy efficiency as well as looking cosmetically in shape. We repair all makes and models of air conditioning units in Sydney, from small residential sized to big scale industrial sized. There is nothing that we do not know about Air conditioning systems. Our engineers have the relevant experience and we usually fix or diagnose on site unless parts are needed then we will quote accordingly and fit at a later date. So for all your Air Conditioning repairs call the trusted experts.

What we will do on a typical standard maintenance visit:

· Check operating temperatures (Air on/off)
· Clean inside evaporator unit (coils and fins)
· Refresh filters and micro filters (in evaporator units)Examine evaporator and valves
· Check temperature controls (Isolators and remotes)
· Clean condenser exterior (casing of outside unit)
· Examine safety controls
· Check general performance
· Check electrical safety
· Report promptly any defects or risks (On service report sheet if necessary)
· Lubricate moving parts (only when necessary)
· Check condenser coil and fins (clean as needed)
· Clean vegetation, etc from outdoor units
· Check condensing coil temperature (air on/off)
· Adjust condensing fan speed (if required)
· Check defrost control (if applicable)
· Make sure condenser is level
· Flush or blow out condensate drain line (if required)
· Check and clean evaporator drain pan and flush
· Check electrical connections
· Lubricate moving parts (if necessary)
· Clean cabinet Check visual integrity of system and report necessary improvements
· Check controllers
· Check coil on & off temperatures
· Check thermostat level
· Check safety cut out devices
· Check excessive vibration
· Check thermostat level
· Check thermostat calibration

Air Conditioning Guys covers you on parts and labour for 5 years and you don’t need to pay anything extra to have that extended warranty.