Air Conditioning Guys offer a comprehensive range of multi split system air conditioning units for residents in Sydney, The Central Coast, The Hunter Region and The South Coast.

As ACG is a specialist dealer for many leading brands, we are able to provide a full service offering that includes:

  • Great prices on all multi-split systems
  • A design and installation service
  • Repair & maintenance services

The types of multi split system air conditioners

When it comes to multi head split air systems, there are a range of different options to suit any space within your home:

Wall mounted multi split air conditioners

As the title suggests, these multi split units are wall mounted internally, and probably the most common system you will see in apartments.

If space allows within your home, wall mounted units are the perfect choice to heat & cool individual rooms in a cost effective manner.

Bulkhead ducted multi split air conditioners

Bulkhead ducted systems consist of 2-5 split system units that are installed flush into your ceiling.

Bulkhead systems are a good option if you are wanting to heat and cool multiple rooms, but the space in your home does not allow for the installation of a ducted system, typically due to a lack of ceiling or roofing space.

Floor standing multi split air conditioners

Floor standing systems are designed for buildings where suitable wall space in a room is hard to come by, making them ideal for a tighter layout. These systems can even be semi-recessed into a wall.

Floor standing air conditioners are reverse cycle, come in a range of capacities, shapes and sizes for you to choose from.

multi split installation

What is the advantage of multi split air conditioner

One of the main benefits multi split systems offer is that there is just one single outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units.

This makes them quick and easy to install, economical to run and convenient to operate all year round.

Options to suit any sized room

As mentioned above, there are a range of types and sizes of multi split units, giving you the flexibility to pick and choose which type of unit will best suit a specific room.

The diverse unit solutions also allow for flexible installations and individual control between rooms.

Energy & Cost Efficiency

Multi head split systems are cost effective to run, setting you back only about 30 cents per hour per unit.

When it comes to star ratings, you’ll find some systems with a 7 star energy rating, providing huge energy savings.

This combination of cheap running costs and high energy efficiency are what make multi split systems so popular.

Reverse Cycle (Heating & Cooling)

Another great benefit of multi split air conditioning systems is that they are reverse cycle, meaning they will work to heat and cool a room.

To really understand what type of split system unit will work best for you, check out our air conditioning calculator.

heat and cool multi rooms

Multi-split air conditioners FAQs

Multi split air conditioners use a single outdoor unit to power up to 5 indoor units, giving you individual control over many different rooms in your home.

Multi split air conditioning prices are best priced based on the system you buy plus installation cost.
A typical 3 unit multi split system install will cost roughly $5000. For a specialised quote, contact an ACG professional here.


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